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Q: Is natural stone better than concrete?
A: Natural stone and concrete are two entirely dif ferent products but there are some advantages to using natural stoneover concrete. Natural stone will weather naturally over time where as concrete can lo se its original color over acouple of years. If a con crete paver gets chipped or scratched then unsightly c oncrete will be left on display, unlikenatural stone.
Q: Can natural stone paving be used for driveways?
A: Natural stone can be used for driveways. We would recommend using one of the harder types of natural stone for a driveway. It is also recommended to use a darker colored stone which is less likely to show up tyre marks and occasional oil droplets.
Q: What’s the relationship between the height of panel and the cost?
A: Unlike Italy and Spain, most of the panels in China are produced by diamond disc saw of various sizes instead of gang sawn. In general ,the higher the panel is , the bigger cutting disc needed. The bigger the cutting disc, the higher the cost.
Q: Do you do custom projects?
A: Yes. We supply all kinds of finished products in natural stone, from the standard-sized tiles to the complex custom made project.
Q: Do you have a brochure?
A: Yes. Please contact us for it.

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