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Natural stone is quarried from around the world and each piece shows unique character. The extraction site can affect color and composition, but How the stone is finished will also affect its final appearance. Some finishes can intensify natural color, others can soften the color.

Surface finishing also dictates functional characteristics such as durability and slip- resistance. This will determine the appropriate use and placement of a particular product. Polished stone is best for internal flooring, cladding and bench- tops whereas flamed finish provides good slip resistance is ideal for external areas.

  • Flamed / Exfoliated / thermal An exfoliated or flamed finish is one of the most popular finish for external use where slip resistance is a concern. It is produced by applying a high-temperature flame to the surface of the stone which creates thermal shock and causes the inherent crystals to fracture, resulting in deeply textured surface ideal for external surface
  • Bush hammered A bush-hammered finished is created with a purpose-built high impact pitting device to engineer an evenly textured surface. The even grazing creates a nonslip surface ideal for high traffic external areas. This finish also lightens the color and dulls any patterning found in a stone's natural state.
  • Sandblasted A sandblasted finish creates a finely textured surface ideal for use in traffic ways. Applying a high-pressure jet of small bullets, this treatment softens the color and characteristics of the original stone.
  • Honed A honed finish is a smooth, even, and non-reflective finish not dissimilar to an eggshell, making it ideal for indoor walls and floors. Honing is done by polishing the stone with a series of increasingly fine abrasives. Honing deepens the color of the stone and still allows all its unique characteristics still show
  • rock face / mushroom A sandblasted Simply as it states, Natural Cut is done by hand. This is the most rustic finish and is best for feature cladding.
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